About us

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and today is the day you take the first one. Welcome to Saffron Threads, a brand which started with a single step and is on the path of reaching its destination.

To commence a journey any individual should possess risk taking abilities and should incorporate it with hard work and dedication. Yet one of the most pivotal part of any journey is vision and mission. And that’s exactly how the journey began.

With the desire to create products that would be a symbol of perfection, refinement and sophistication our odyssey started. A vision to provide modernized fashion for the modern women and to make a difference in the world of fashion, Saffron Threads introduced itself to the industry.

With an experience of more than two decades in dealing with fabrics and designs, the company promoted teams of professional designing and textile technicians which along with the aid of our motivated employees helped us climb the ladder in the industry. Meeting the buyers’ demands whilst keeping up with the trends for both knit and woven garments in the market was prioritized which paved way to success and has helped us to cater to bigger markets

With growth as our mission and an aim to become one of the most sought-after manufacturer and exporter of fashion garments from India, Saffron Threads was launched. Most of the brands focused on semi-formal wear to specialized wear for occasions. There was a dearth of choices for the lady who wanted simple, elegant, day to day wear. Saffron Threads aimed at filling that gap and proudly went on to become the brand for the working woman.

We consider our organization to function as a close-knit group where a will to make a difference and bringing in new ideas to fill in the gaps should be used as motivators and is promoted. Integrity, discipline and humility plays a huge part of our growth which doesn’t only enhance the company’s profile but reflects on the individual’s personality.

Comprising of innumerable departments, we believe in collaborative efforts where each aspect of the workforce contributes effectively towards the final products which builds inter-departmental connections and promotes synergy in the organization. To improve the functions and to ensure smooth operations the owners and the managers constantly bring in employees for group training at regular intervals.

With a constant urge of growth and expansion and a powerful vision by the owners today Saffron Threads is growing at a rapid pace and we expect the same from the employees: to aim big, grow in the field and to have a good vision for the individual and the firm. With the vision of the firm and the targets of the employees working in a synergy, companies’ and personal growth can be achieved.






Saffron Threads presents a wide range of ethnic & fusion wear especially designed for today’s urban empowered woman, as an extension of her own personality. Someone who takes all challenges in her stride, whether at home or at work. Her contribution to Society is immense and she does her role at both the fronts with smartness, intelligence, elegance and panache. Her style statement is her self confidence and belief in her goals and dreams.

Taking inspiration from the Indian "Woman" , we extended our expertise and knowledge for good quality products with comfortable and precise fits, to a new wing, with our Men's Wear Collection that cater to solving ethnic & casual needs for Men in India.