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India has been regarded as the cultural heritage of the world and leads by example as the hub of diversity and the amalgamations of the rich history into various aspects such as food, arts and fashion! Drawing influence from architecture, nature, rural lifestyle and abstract patterns imbibed in various art forms, these prints add glamour to your daily wear and adds flavours of the culturally rich land. Saffron Threads boasts a wide range of traditional Indian Ethnic Prints unifying it with your daily wardrobe, providing you with the best of fashion and tradition.

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Bringing Indian Ethnic prints to our collection, Saffron Threads brings to you the best of rural prints as well as traditional prints adding to your wardrobe. Regional prints such as Sanganeri, hailing from Rajasthan go back 5 centuries, are a traditional block print technique still prominent today. While Sanganeri is often done on white fabrics, Bagru, also hailing from Rajasthan, is done on indigo-dyed fabrics and is one of the adored prints. 

Traditional Prints have always been a customer favourite at Saffron Threads. Boasting the best seller range of Kalamkari, an art form hailing from artisans from Persia and later picked up in India, it involves exquisite designs involving intricate designs done with kalam (pen) by karis (craftsmen). This collection is perfect for any occasion adding aesthetics to your styles. 

Reviving prints such as Dabu, which died in the last century but is an integral part of the fashion industry today. Rogan, another print introduced in Persia and adopted in India, produces shiny designs and colours on darker shades of clothes. Paisley, also known as buta or boteh has been a global favourite and features curved teardrops shapes and adds a bohemian touch to your ethnic wear. Explore our wide range of Indian Ethnic Motifs and Booty Prints and enter the world of Saffron Threads and specially curated Indian Ethnic Prints in our palazzos, pants, kurtis and dresses!